24th of May / Public Student Presentations at Gotland University
13:00-18:00 1st Year Projects (E22)
13:00-18:00 2nd, 3rd, 4th Year Projects (E31)
13:00-18:00 Computer Graphics & Animation Reels (B51)
Friday 25th May - Reality Check! The State of the Island, Business Innovation & Roads To A Career
09:30 Adam Mayes (HGO): We are GAME
Saturday 26th May - Modern Markets, Modern Platforms, Modern Design
10:30 Irene Hjort (Massive): Metrics Guided Design
14:00 Joe Robbins (Unity): Unity: Out of The Box
15:30 Robert Nyberg (Massive): Getting yourself hired!
16:30 GAME Alumni Panel: Life in the Trenches
Show Floor Teardown

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Robert Nyberg, Talent Aquisation Manager at Ubisoft Massive

Getting In To The Games Industry

I will give practical advice on how to prepare and apply for your first job in the industry, accompanied by a brief overview of the industry in Sweden. The session

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Gotland Indies (want to make a logo for us? please get in touch. :) )

Gotland Indies

Gotland Indies is a community of independent game developers. Our purpose is to make visible the thriving new creative industry that is being established on the island, to highlight the

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Alumni Johannes Wadin, Co-Founder of TapeDuck @ GGC 2011

Life in the Trenches

Former GAME students talk candidly about their life in the industry. The GAME education at Gotland University have managed to produce some outstanding game developers, working all over the world.

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Daniel James, Three Rings

Implications of Free to Play

Games stand to be the defining medium of the 21st century, but the industry is in the midst of a disruptive transition away from ‘buy the game’ to the virtual

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Metrics Guided Design

Metrics guided game design creates a visibility into player behavior allowing to create an engaging experience with minimal frustration. This presentation is an introduction to business and gameplay metrics and

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Unity: Out of The Box

Developing for web, mobile, or console? Unity might be the the for the job. In this sessions Joe Robbins gives us an overview of Unity as a company, a product,

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The Adobe of Gaming

In this session Gaming Evangelists Lee Brimelow will reveal the latest technologies being worked on by Adobe for game developers. He will show how these technologies allow developers to create

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The 5 Domains of Play

Translating Psychology’s Big 5 Into Game Design The ‘Big 5′ model of human behavior has come to dominate the world of motivation psychology. Its facts-and-figures approach to the human mind

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Developing a Better Business

Finding new sources of revenue is always difficult. Both start-ups as large corporates are often struggling to find sustainable business models. Board of Innovation, specialized in this topic has developed

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Creative Revenue Models

The old game-in-a-box model is dead. Games have evolved to digital services, supported by a variety of devices and channels. But making money in this digital era is hard. (Just

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Publishers; Lies Truths & Myth

Who needs a publisher anyway? Kickstarter gets you the money and one good trailer and the game will be viral. Besides once you’re on Steam Steam that innovation award is

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