Grendel Games‘ founder (and GGC Juror) Jan-Jaap made an astute observation;

“have you considered that maybe GGC is cursed w.r.t. air-travel in some way?”

HA! Let’s review:
2010: volcano eruption. European flights cancelled.
2011: volcano eurupts AGAIN. European flights threatened.
2012: Skyways – one of the two airlines servicing Visby – files for bankruptcy the day before the expected delivery of 26 of our international guests.

What travel-related catastrophy will befall GGC 2013? Let loose your inner Nostradamus in the comments, please. :)


  1. Next year? Maybe you guys need to send people over here by boat? God forbid! =(

  2. With our track record, putting people on boats would sink the island.