Minnhagen Illustration

Minnhagen Illustration

Date: May 25, 2011

Mats Minnhagen is a Swedish digital artist, born in 1979. He originally pursued an academic career, and got a Masters in Archaeology. While working as a field archaeologist he did illustrations on the side, and when he discovered digital painting and the digital art community, his career focus shifted toward art.

In 2004-2006 he attended a formal education in traditional art at Gotland’s School of Art. After that he got a concept art job at EA DICE in Stockholm, where I stayed for about a year. He’s currently working freelance with a variety of book-, game- and popular science illustrations.

He won a Master Award in Exposé 6 in 2008, and a Chesley Award in 2009.

Clients include: EA Digital Illusions, Wizards of the Coast, Rabén&Sjögren, Umeå Universitet, Aschehoug, Gleerups Utbildning, LL-förlaget, Nypon förlag, Roslagstext förlag, H:ström Text & Kultur.

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