Meow Entertainment

Meow Entertainment

Date: May 25, 2011

Meow Entertainment is a university spin-off company that’s focused on the development of web based MMO’s and Social Games.

In mid-summer 2010 Meow Entertainment together with publisher Stillfront AB released their first game ”Pirates of Scurvy Pond”. The game is a web based MMO published on portals such as Bigpoint, PlayNik and Gamersgate. Soon the release of Pirates was followed by another web based MMO called ”Gunslinger” also published together with Stillfront AB.

Meow Entertainment is currently working on their Social Game ”Fumbies: The Cloud Creatures”. Fumbies was awarded “Almedalen Library Award” and “Best Game Graduating Class” at Gotland Game Awards 2010.

Meow Entertainment will showcase some of its products on the show floor where key members from the Meow Team will be present to answer any questions about games, the game industry or entrepreneurship in general.

Max Tiilikainen is going to attend the conference panel to discuss entrepreneurship and what opportunities there are for students to start their own companies and sell their own products. The panel will also focus on what Gotland can do for its companies that are flourishing on the island and how Gotland enables the talent to stay on the island after graduation from the University.

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